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During her murder trial, Wuornos testified that Mallory raped, beat and sodomized her and that she killed him in self-defense. Subject of movies, comic In , the same year after Wuornos was convicted of killing Mallory, the Lifetime cable network aired the made-for-television movie Overkill: The Aileen Wuornos Story, starring Jean Smart. In she confessed to killing six men in and For years after her arrest, Wuornos claimed she was the victim. In the official view, Mallory was clean, if somewhat paranoid and pussy-crazy. She was arrested during the mids for charges related to assault and disorderly conduct and eventually settled in Florida, where she met wealthy yachtsman Lewis Fell. He was fully clothed and had been shot six times in the head and torso. The first call from Wuornos came on January

Law officers later found Siems' car in Orange Springs on July 4, The decision was made at the command post to go ahead with the arrest. Now, with the jury made aware of all of the murders, self-defense seemed improbable, at best.

But these others did not. Wuornos asked for and got new attorneys. On July 31,he was reported missing. First, she made it clear that Moore was not involved in any way in any of the murders. Atshe shut her eyes, and her head jerked backward; ather mouth seemed to drop open, her eyes opened to slits, and it appeared she was gone, according to Metz.

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In all, she received six death sentences. Volusia County officers checked area pawnshops and found that in Daytona, Cammie Marsh Greene had pawned a camera and a radar detector, and had left the requisite thumbprint on the receipt. She was executed for the killing of Palm Harbour, Fla. The jury was allowed to hear evidence of crimes Lee had not been convicted of.

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To avoid prosecution, Moore made a deal, and in mid-January she elicited a phone confession from Wuornos, who took full and sole responsibility for the murders. It's very odd to think of the places my music can go once it leaves my hands. I was raped! Their caution was wise: as of yet, they had no murder weapon and no Tyria Moore Confession On January 10 Moore was located. In an earlier letter to the Florida Supreme Court, Wuornos said she is ready to "cut to the chase then and get on with an execution. Democrats contend Republican Gov. In the official view, Mallory was clean, if somewhat paranoid and pussy-crazy. Jenny Ahern of the Automated Fingerprint Identification System found nothing on her initial computer search, but came to Volusia County and began a hand search of fingerprint records there. Her life later became the subject of screenplays, stage productions, and multiple documentaries as well as the basis for the movie Monster. Wuornos killed strangers with a gun, an unusual but not unprecedented fact that the media seized upon and ran with rampantly. On January 27, , a jury found Wuornos guilty of first-degree murder for the Mallory case and she received the death penalty. Serial killers stalk their victims; they do not kill in moments of fear or passion. She was executed by lethal injection. On January 9, , she was seized at the Last Resort, a biker bar in Harbor Oaks, detained on outstanding warrants for Lori Grody while police finished building their murder case.
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