Al karam textiles swot analysis

Weaknesses 1.

al karam annual report 2016

Big opportunities in the local low-end market International brand of designer wear Threats. Their brand name has a lot of appeal in the Pakistani mass market and they have very loyal customers, who trust the quality of design and the quality of the cloth itself.

Although various business models exist, the principles and structure of Gul Ahmed is a good model to follow. This help to encourage systems that constantly checking and controlling production to achieve high standards.

There is no little formal documentation in the offices, the people are hired on an ad-hoc basis, qualifications are not taken into account while selecting the people for their jobs, and the growth of the company is dependant on the wishes and whims the personal vision of the Seth.

Targeting elite class 3. But it is still conventionally operated — most of the emphasis is on machine and worker efficiency. S8,T6 offers during the period of 6.

Al karam textiles swot analysis

This association of Al-Karam with these top brands has enhanced the brand image of Al-Karam and has made it into a prestige brand among the industrial buyers of USA and Europe.

Page 18 Related Papers. What is the intensity of competitive rivalry? But the company interest coverage is above 1 in consecutive 3 years. Weaknesses Weak Information Systems Al-Karam Textiles is an established textile company, which has excellent production facilities.

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Al Karam Textile Mills