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As soon as I finished, I began reading it again. Before going to sleep, she writes about her adventure in a journal. For example, a Science lesson on owls can be introduced through this book to students.

What kind of owl would she see on a walk in the woods? Show kids how the word is written out in the book.

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Why did Pa turn on his flashlight? However, there are a plethora of literary components such as similes, metaphors, and foreshadowing evident making the story diverse in that sense. In contrast, the owl is depicted in great detail with haunting eyes reeling the reader in. Persuasive Create an invitation that would inspire families to plan an owling adventure. How would you have reacted and walked home? But the story is also about a special event shared between a father and daughter. A defense of poetry, a response to literature that has touched her life, and a manual on how to write poetry. Sequencing — The little girl and her Pa went owling late one night. Paying attention. It is not fun to be outside when it is so cold. How do we teach children about quiet? Theme — The lesson to be learned from this story is do what you are told and keep going because it will pay off in the end.

How will you describe the owl when he hears the family crunching through the snow? Interdisciplinary Connections: This story can easily be tied to a few different subjects.

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It's also a great book to use a springboard for a study of owls. And I think Jane Yolen would agree. Their collaboration earned this book a Caldecott Medal in How come it was time to go home? This story however, demonstrates the beauty and grace of the Great Horned Owl in its natural environment. The illustrations in this book are vivid winter watercolor scenes in the forest. Talk about other examples of this literary device.

Fiction vs. Other Information: I really enjoyed this story as a child and I still remember many wintery nights when my dad would read this to me.

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Summaries and Excerpts: Owl moon / by Jane Yolen ; illustrated by John Schoenherr.