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Of particular concern is the misconception that tables and equations do not count as words, while they actually take significantly longer to read than mere text. This way, there is a very high chance that turning your thesis into a techreport could be as simple as replacing pages 1 and 2 with the standard Technical Report title page which the techreport editor can do for you.

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Tables, equations and the like are best counted as having the number of words that text occupying the same area would have. Degree Committee papers and the Examiners' reports then go to the next available meeting of the Board of Graduate Studies for consideration and approval. In particular, it must state the specific research question that is being addressed, with a brief discussion of why it is an important question, why it is new, and why it is interesting.

Once you have done this, the electronic version of your dissertation is removed from the files. International Standard ISO Presentation of theses and similar documents also contains some general guidelines for formatting dissertations that may be of use.

It is both poor scholarship and a breach of academic integrity.

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Please let your supervisor know your expected date of submission and the title of your thesis. The University of Cambridge guidelines:. Addendum: The Degree Committee for the Faculty of Computer Science and Technology agreed, at its meeting of July 2nd , that the word limit will remain at 60, words and, furthermore, emphasized that should students exceed pages, students and their supervisors will be asked to explain. Degree have been met, including submission of the hard-bound dissertation, you will receive a letter informing you that you may arrange with your College Praelector to graduate at the next appropriate Congregation. In LaTeX that means using the report style, not the book style. Writing within the word limit is important. Note: the package backref is used to create the back references. This needs to show that there is a viable route to a dissertation in two years' time. It is a good idea to read early on the submission guidelines for technical reports, as this may reduce the need to change the formatting later. Candidates should have already done some preliminary research. It is also mandatory for research students in their second year. The document should be checked by the supervisor before it is submitted. There are two parts to keeping your record: Research Skills Programme and Researcher Development Record Log book to record attendance and completion of units within the department's Research Skills Programme Research Skills tally sheet for other activities such as committees, forums, undergraduate supervisions Research Skills Programme and Researcher Development Record Log book All research students, research assistants and post-docs, will be issued with a Research Skills Programme and Researcher Development Record Log book. Sometimes candidates would like a bigger word-count limit. Note: glossaries is the package used to create the glossary.

Submitting your dissertation to the Board of Graduate Studies Viva voce examinations by video conference and adjustments If you require any special arrangements for the viva voce examination, the Degree Committee will need to know well in advance.

A copy of the revised document must be submitted to the Secretary of the Degree Committee. Troubleshooting You can report issues through our GitHub repository.

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In LaTeX that means using the report style, not the book style. See the submission information and Graduate Union's binding services information. About a centimetre of the left margin is lost when the binder stitches the pages together.

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