Comparison between hamlet and fortinbras in hamlet by william shakespeare

However, Fortinbras likes to take immediate action, perhaps rushing into situations without thinking through the consequences, he could be described as a little too rash. Sigler EN 16 November Surface, Depth, and a Reflected World of Hamlet Although dynamic characters typically develop through solely personal obstacles, William Shakespeare uses the character of Hamlet as a contradiction by illustrating his growth through other characters.

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Another telling quality of Fortinbras is his brevity. There can be many similarities made between Hamlet and Fortinbras and also some important differences, the most obvious being the length of the role of Hamlet compared to the length of the role of Fortinbras.

He receives a visit from the ghost of his father which urges him to "revenge [Claudius'] foul and most unnatural murder" I, v, 32 of Old Hamlet. The main difference between Hamlet and Fortinbras is that Hamlet likes to think and plan his actions, and when he does take action it is to gather information rather than to take revenge, he could be described as a little too hesitant.

An interesting similarity between Hamlet and Fortinbras is that both finally achieved the revenge they craved, Hamlet avenged his father; by killing his uncle and Fortinbras becomes king of Denmark, the country that his father died trying to win. Should he believe the ghost, and avenge his father's murder.

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Shakespeare emphasizes the observation by casting Hamlet as "a man," exposing his strengths and weaknesses through the contrast provided by Fortinbras, Laertes and Horatio, as foils to the tragic hero

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Similarities Between Hamlet, Fortinbras, and Laertes in