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It is rare to find the top boss of a large enterprise being intimately involved with its sustainability initiatives. All the premium luxury hotels are certified green buildings making ITC the greenest luxury hotel chain in the world. Create multiple drivers of growth by developing a portfolio of world class business that best matches organizational capability with opportunities in domestic and export markets. Create distributed leading within the organisation by fostering talented and focused top direction squads for each of the concerns. CSR strategies such as these not only benefit the national community by giving people a viable skill, they also create a pool of skilled workers that HCL can draw upon for their many development projects. Gujarat earthquake relief Provided mobile physiotherapy units Helped build a health center with a Orissa cyclone relief Built a cyclone shelter equipped with a physiotherapy unit to provide care to siren, life jackets and HAM station This center also works as a school and is patients equipped with blackboards and benches Our work in tsunami affected areas in Tamil Nadu We have spent considerable time to understand the needs of the affected people and plan the rehabilitation program in this region. In addition, because HCL consists of over 20 companies with a wide variety of operations, employees get the benefits of working with and learning from others with different skill sets. For decades now developers have built housing outside of Port of Spain while the vast majority of jobs, activities and infrastructure are created within. Some of these programs, including Explora Vision, have become integral to the science and math curriculum at many schools throughout the U. Either through partnerships with other organizations or on its own, HCL has created courses and training schemas for both the general public and its employees. While ITC is an outstanding market leader in its traditional business of Cigarettes, Hotels, paperboards. ITC has a diversified presence in Cigarettes.

The result was that HCL's Global Customer Meet 'Unstructure', organized in Novemberwas a carbon-neutral event as we compensated for the emissions by purchasing carbon credits, which were split equally into carbon offsets of Reforestation, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.

Farmers are given training and the company has set up integrated rural service hubs called Choupal Saagars which offer multiple services under one roof.

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We are proactively implementing environmental initiatives throughout our business activities. This CBFL method is implemented using computers and flash cards. Our commitment to make a positive difference to the environment or the underprivileged is not about a one off initiative but is a sustained effort to make a visible change to people's lives.

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It is a well-known pioneering institution that provides vocational training and education, and also helps girls to find jobs. ITC's livestock development programme in over 10, villages in eight states aims to boost milk productivity and provide additional income for farmers laying the foundation for the dairy business.

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The inspiration for our long-term emphasis on science and math education was Hisashige Tanaka, founder of Toshiba.

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