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questionnaire on impact of promotional activities on consumer behaviour

This information was obtained in the exploratory stage, according to the details already exposed. In the academic sphere, this study offers a contribution from at least three perspectives.

Questionnaire on impact of promotional activities on consumer behaviour

Comportamento do consumidor. First, Liao noted that the benefit distributed in a promotion plays a key role in consumer perception of the product brand, and the attractiveness of the promotion is an essential factor for positive assessment of the brand offered. The results confirmed the hypothesis, indicating positive effects of impulsivity and hedonic perception by purchasing the discounted products, in addition to the negative link between the intention of purchasing discounted products and the perception of a financial risk. Scale items for the promotional tools and behavioral responses in the form of statements were selected based on a previous study by Gilbert and Jackaria The theory describes the effectiveness of promotion to jump- start the sequence of events needed before a consumer will buy a product and ultimately achieve the marketing objectives. Warranty and other extrinsic cue effects on consumers' risk perceptions. Figure 2 below presents the results obtained.

Various authors in their books and presentations essentially focused on these four main promotional tools Perner ; Osuagwu ; Adetayoand Smith and Taylor Journal of Marketing Research, 29 1 This procedure aims to observe if there was a very large number of non-response to a question of the survey instrument.

Promotion Tactics.

Effect of sales promotion on consumer buying decision pdf

References Aaker, D. New Jersey: Prentice-Hall. Managing brand equity: capitalizing on the value of a brand name. Source: The authors' data obtained in this research. Nevertheless, the study has methodological limitations that must be considered. On the other hand, the continuous increase in prices accompanied with a disproportionate increase in incomes has tempted both housewives to search for lower-priced goods and marketers to provide different kinds of discounts and offers to attract consumers and increase traffic to their stores. Customer choice between hedonic and utilitarian goods. He further argued that marketing promotion elements play varying roles towards the achievement of corporate marketing goals and objectives. It is a means of the extent to which variations in the explained variables are explained by the explanatory variable.

In addition, promotional strategy measured by advertising, publicity and sales promotion affected market share and profitability at different percentage rates while Personal selling did not. A good experience may lead to continued use. Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 4 1 In turn, we hypothesize that the level of household inventory will have a direct impact on subsequent inter-purchase time and the next quantity purchased.

On the use of college students in social science and research: insights from a second-order meta-analysis. It is the process of establishing communication relationship between a marketer and its publics.

Effectiveness of sales promotion pdf

The questionnaire was translated into the Arabic language then back translated into English to ensure that the language communicates the proper meaning of the promotional tools and behavioral response to the Egyptian consumer. Multivariate Behavioral Research, 36 2 , Investigating the role of the physical environment in hedonic service consumption: an exploratory study of sporting events. For the business context, the findings point to important guidelines for business managers. The relevance of the theory is that a worthwhile promotional incentives from the organization influences the behavior of the consumers to buy 2. Brands and branding: research findings and future priorities. How shopping orientation influences the effectiveness of monetary and nonmonetary promotions. Market share and Profitability are the two dependent variables in the study.

The promotional tools in promotional strategy describe the tools or weapons available to the marketing communicator whose major role is persuasive communication. The elements in the promotional mix are not mutually exclusive.

sales promotion research
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