Help with speech problems in adults

SLPs will most often encounter this disorder in adults, with the first symptoms usually occurring between the ages of 30 and In some cases, they may also recommend assistive communication devices. If you are having real problems being understood investigate other forms of communication such as writing your message, signing or using an electronic device to speak for you.

For some people, these devices can be used alongside or instead of speech to help them communicate. Selective mutism is when a person does not speak in some or most situations, however that person is physically capable of speaking.

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Brain injury causing dysarthria can be due to brain tumour, stroke, cerebral palsy, long term use of certain medications, or a degenerative diseases such as Parkinsons.

That means you can also try working on activities to improve the language skills that have been affected by the brain damage — sometimes this can have an effect. This condition results from abnormal brain functioning. If you have a speech problem and are finding it hard to make yourself understood, you may find that an assistive device that has voice output, or where you can write messages, may help.

Avoid communicating in noisy and distracting environments. But you can take steps to lower your risk of developing other types of impaired speech. In fact, the American Speech-Language Hearing Association reports that problems with communication are the first detectable signs of autism.

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For example, they may prescribe botulinum toxin injections Botox or surgery to your vocal cords. Polyps or nodules on the vocal cords These growths make it difficult for the vocal cords to vibrate to produce speech.

speech disorders in adults
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Adult Speech Difficulties