How to write a funny eulogy speech

What I am referring to is small examples like: She cared more about her family and her friends than she did herself. The key is to find humor in events and experiences with the deceased during life; these would be experiences that he, too, would have found amusing.

eulogy for grandmother

It's our hope that they help, and inspire you. One final suggestion is to have a backup plan. He was never found anywhere without a cigar in his hand or mouth.

By definition, a eulogy is a speech of praise, which means that you can use this opportunity to remind yourself and those around you of how much this person added to and lifted those lives around him.

It was rough, and excruciatingly sad. Prepare yourself for in case something goes wrong Often times during public speeches, especially during such sensitive gatherings such as funeral home servicesevents can occur that will throw you off course.

eulogy for mother

He had a loud voice that could be heard across a crowded room. It was a fine celebration of a life well-lived. People come from all around the world. There is usually very little time to prepare and you so want to get it right.

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Using Humor In A Eulogy