Importance and threats of to biodiversity

Some scientists use more creative means, such as Google Street View. Invading exotic species can also be disease organisms. What is Biodiversity? The average person can do a number of things to fight atmospheric and hydrologic pollution, such as recycling, conserving energy at home and using public transportation.

Inthe terms threatened, endangered or rare were used to describe the status of many species. While large fisheries are regulated to attempt to avoid this pressure, it still exists in the background. Overall, climate is a major factor in the distribution of species across the globe; climate change forces them to adjust.

Although no marine species is known to have been driven extinct by the pet trade, there are studies showing that populations of some species have declined in response to harvesting, indicating that the harvest is not sustainable at those levels.

Species threatened by the bush meat trade are mostly mammals including many monkeys and the great apes living in the Congo basin.

threats to biodiversity notes
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Why is biodiversity important?