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In particular, the diagram of bimanual compression was referred to throughout the training.

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Tanzania has had insufficient progress related to maternal health, based on the Millennium Development Goal 5 [ 4 ]. Three major problems need to be addressed: an absence of links between communities, subcenters, and referral facilities; shortages of equipment and trained staff at referral facilities; and a lack of emergency transport.

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Training teams included nurses, midwives, doctors, and medical attendants in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Maternal mortality figures have plummeted from thousands till a century ago to single digit values in some parts of the modern world. The training faculty The training faculty was five senior Tanzanian midwifery leaders at KCMC, recruited by the management. Strategies for change Improving women's health requires a strong and sustained government commitment, a favourable policy environment, and well-targeted resources. Taking appropriate remedial measures for preventing lapses noted in the management of these cases will be of immense value in reducing the maternal mortality. However, most pregnant women that develop PPH, have no known risk factors. Antenatal care ANC was defined as care obtained during pregnancy from a medically trained provider Qualified doctors, Nurse, Midwife and Paramedic. Abstract Background The burden of maternal complications during antepartum and intrapartum periods is high and care seeking from a trained provider is low, particularly in low middle income countries of sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.

Results Self-reported antepartum and intrapartum complications among women were Methods This quasi-experimental, pre-vs.

There were five antepartum and six postpartum complications that were examined in this study.

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The training focused on technical skills and non-technical skills like communication, including to call for help, decision-making, leadership, respectful care and information to patient and relatives. Development and evaluation of context specific, cost-effective, and sustainable strategies that will address these barriers to access to care for the maternal complications will enhance care seeking from trained health care providers and improve maternal health. This study investigated the effects of multi-professional, scenario-based training on the prevention and management of PPH at a Tanzanian zonal consultant hospital. A majority of maternal deaths occur in Asia , and Africa , CHWs visited pregnant women enrolled in the study twice during antepartum and ten times during the postpartum period to provide the MNH intervention package and to collect study related data. Annual Report — The most effective interventions that contribute to saving maternal lives are skilled birth attendants and emergency obstetric care [ 4 ]. Also, one faculty midwife who coordinated the training, was responsible for establishing multi-professional teams of 8—10 nurses, midwives, doctors, and medical attendants. The challenge for the government is to help direct and improve privately provided services through appropriate regulatory arrangements and by encouraging an expansion of their scope to include promotion and prevention, in addition to curative care[ 6 ]. The government's strategy should include balancing the roles of the public and private sectors to maximize resources and to extend care to women whom government programs do not reach. The training was strengthened by newly validated learning materials [ 33 ] in Swahili. The Sri Lankan Experience When Sri Lanka gained independence in , its maternal mortality ratio at was comparable to that of India. Helping mothers survive: Bleeding after birth BAB learning materials [ 26 ] were translated into Swahili by the research team for this project. We hypothesized that this training would contribute to positive consequences for team efficiency and patient outcomes. The high MMR is due to large number of deliveries conducted at home by untrained persons.

Various coagulopathies are uncommon but serious causes of PPH [ 720 ]. Near misses: A useful adjunct to maternal death enquiries; pp. The provision of health care at the terminal end of our health provisioning system in the rural areas urgently requires a wilful political drive to improve the present scenario.

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