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The telephone pole, owned by the local phone company TeleCo, easily snaps into two pieces and hits Kevin, who is still in the street, knocking him unconscious and resulting in permanent injuries. Multiple-choice questions marked Zoom Out teach these compare-and-contrast strategies using scenarios germane to the twenty-first century. Additionally, The Closer questions pose sophisticated hypotheticals at the end of each chapter to present a cumulative review of earlier topics. The fourth edition features an expanded treatment of Restatement Third of Torts, including the work in progress at the American Law Institute on Intentional Torts to Persons. The new edition also includes 70 author-generated Civil Procedure questions. Give yourself 60 minutes to complete this exam. Resources for Excelling in Law Exams ISBN: Publication Date: With a focus on essay questions and model answers, the author helps students identify their strengths and weaknesses, plan strategies, and organize their efforts - the author addresses techniques for maximizing scores on several types of essay questions, as well as on multiple-choice and other objective questions - the author helps students understand why the typical law school essay question requires a balanced analysis with arguments for both sides, rather than identification of a clear answer - assignments and exercises facilitate active learning In addition to teaching students analysis and exam-taking skills, Law School Exams, Preparing and Writing to Win, addresses exam anxiety with a helpful, positive perspective. Tailor individualized study programs. Every question has a fully explained answer that analyzes, in detail, every answer option. Multiple-choice questions are interspersed throughout each chapter not lumped at the end to mirror the flow of a classroom lecture. It also explains and gives examples of the best methods for studying and for taking exams. What is a tort? It also synthesizes the material in a way that most students are unable to do on their own, and assembles the different issues, presenting a clear guide to procedural analysis that students can draw upon when writing their exams.

It provides questions and model answers from actual law school exams. Multiple-choice questions marked Zoom Out teach these compare-and-contrast strategies using scenarios germane to the twenty-first century.

The material is broken into small, manageable pieces to help you master concepts. The Nutshell also provides information about the types of legal practice that are available to you when you graduate.

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This new section features approximately 70 author-generated questions. Strategies andamp; Tactics for the MBE features: additional questions to those featured in Strategies andamp; Tactics for the MBE Questions organized by subject matter subtopics, so you can easily locate questions on the topics on which you need to focus Comprehensive, step-by-step explanations for each of the four answer choices in each question Answer explanations written by Steven Emanuel, Editor-in-Chief of Emanuel Bar Review and author of Emanuel Law Outlines in the MBE-subject areas -- the Outlines that got you through law school.

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Question: What are the various liabilities and rights of the parties involved? We recommend that you take this exam only after you have completed your study of Negligence issues.

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