Understanding health food drink consumers

healthy eating statistics 2018

Two modern approaches to eating that progressive consumers are utilizing to stack the deck for optimal results are plant-based and paleo diets. They are better informed, better educated and more empowered than ever before, and this has transformed the way they engage with brands and businesses.

Consumer trends in health and wellness 2018

Where: Reaching Superusers through the Right Channels Having the right product offerings and labeling them correctly can go only so far; to succeed, companies must make sure their well-developed and effectively labeled products are available in the right channels. Dairy is a key platform for functional RTD products, according to Innova. Elevated Convenience: To match the premium expectations of consumers in the on-demand age, convenience food and drink will get an upgrade. It will likely be mandatory to disclose how something is grown and whether anything is added to that process, such as pesticides, as well as the potential impact they may have on human health. Clearly, superusers are market movers in the current health and wellness space. Brands are fully aware of the need to innovate, but how can they keep up with the fast-paced consumer demand for healthier lifestyles? Interest in premium convenience will not be limited to dinnertime, creating opportunities for every meal, snack, and beverage break. And chief among them, according to our analysis, are 1 sharp awareness of price despite willingness to pay more for certain product features and 2 demand for quality, convenience, and other benefits in return for health and wellness dollars.

Half of all consumers say they use foods and beverages to directly address diabetes issues. This Article may be based, in whole or in part, on projections or forecasts of future events. Participants were given a set of twenty-five cards, each of which displayed a claim statement, and were instructed to free sort the cards into groups so that all the cards in one group were similar to each other in some important way and different from the other groups.

Introduction Noncommunicable diseases NCDs are the primary causes of death and disability [ 1 ] and risk factors associated with unhealthy diets contribute to the development of NCDs such as obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

All of this means increased complexity for food and beverage companies trying to capture health and wellness superusers. The regulation also specifies that the use of a nutrition and health claim is only permitted if the average consumer can be expected to understand the beneficial effects expressed in the claim [ 6 ].

healthy eating trend statistics 2018

Beside energy and sports drinks, dairy is the top category for functional claims. For Gen Z, technology is fun, entertaining and useful. Interest in premium convenience will not be limited to dinnertime, creating opportunities for every meal, snack, and beverage break.

We believe that will continue to be the case for the long term based on favorable demographics and changing consumer behavior.

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Recruitment quotas were applied for sex, age and highest education level in each country. Mintel Reports Store The first place to look to understand markets and consumers, enabling you to make better decisions faster.

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Consumer Trends in Health and Wellness